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Submission Details

You've found your way to our e-zine, and see a topic this month that you'd like to submit to - what do you do now?

Here's what we want from you:

General Information:

For submissions, we ask that you send us the following relevant information to our email

  1. Preferred name for publishing (what name/brand do you want us to put on your work?)

  2. Title of work(s), date

  3. Your Instagram handle (we use this to tag featured artists in the final post)

Visual/Media works:

  1. We welcome any type of visual works, as long as it can be documented in our PDF issue; if you have any alternate media or performance work that you are not sure how to feature, send us a message and we can figure something out

  2. Written description required along with media, we want to hear your ideas behind the work and how it ties to the monthly theme

  3. Any and all file types accepted (JPEG, HEIC, MP3, MP4, WAV, etc.)  Be aware of any programs we may need to open files when you submit - if we have an issue accessing your files, we will reach out to you

  4. For video / sound works that require media players to be viewed, we ask that you include some screenshots or description of the work (for audio) that we will include in the PDF and we will host the media works on our website's media gallery

  5. Documentation of sculpture/installation also accepted, please ensure photos are properly cropped

Written works:

  1. We accept poems, interviews, opinion pieces, essays, or any type of free writing that you would like to submit as long as it ties to the monthly theme

  2. We also accept all file types for writing

  3. If there is any special formatting, make sure the document maintains this

  4. Minor edits will be done to ensure the writing is ready for publication

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out! Send any questions via email or direct message on Instagram, we will try to respond as soon as possible We are always happy to help guide you in the right direction if you are stuck. Happy art making! We can't wait to see your submissions.

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