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  • Do I have to be a full time artist or professional artist to submit?​

No, we encourage any and all artists to submit regardless of where they are at in their careers.

  • Do you charge a submission fee or publishing fee? 

No, our goal is to provide access to anyone who wants to submit so applying and being published is entirely free!


  • Can I submit multiple submissions per issue? 

We welcome as many submissions as you would like to send us; if you submit multiple works we may not feature all of them depending on length.

  • Are you a juried/curated publication?

Our team reviews every works that is submitted, however we try to feature anyone who wants to be. We screen for offensive content as we want all our featured works to uplift the community, and if the work is tied to the monthly theme.

  • Do I have to include an artist bio? 

We love reading what you guys do and having insight into your own personal practice! However, for the sake of length, we usually only include images and descriptions unless it’s relevant to your submission. 

  • Do you accept collaborations or collectives? 

Yes! We are always looking to further our engagement with the community. We accept works from several people and/or other artist collectives. 

  • Does my work have to be fully finished?

No, we welcome in progress and durational works as long as there is enough content for us to feature it.

  • Do you print/sell the publication?

As of right now we are an entirely online publication - in the future we may print limited issues, however we will always be committed to providing the free PDF issue online.

  • Can I submit again if I was featured last month?

Yes! We do not limit submissions based on past features. If you want to submit every month, feel free to send us your works. 

  • I missed this month. Can I submit my work next month?

Yes, just keep in mind the theme changes every month so your work made for one month may not be as relevant to the next. 

  • Can I submit past works?

Yes, your work does not have to be brand new to be featured. 

  • What if I don’t like the theme this month?

 The theme changes every month, so be sure to keep an eye out for the announcement of our next theme!

  • Do you have a writing prompt? 

Our writing prompt is the theme itself. We keep the theme to one word to ensure that we can leave it as open as possible to interpretation. Whether you want to explore the literal definition of the word or your own ideas around it, we are excited to hear about it! We want to keep the features as authentic to your practice as possible. 

Feel free to email us at or direct message us on Instagram if you have any unanswered questions!


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